Greetings and Welcome to Sadie Divine! My name is Iman Brewton and I invite you to check out the different blog posts, videos and visuals that relate to the lessons and life tips that I have experienced so far on my life journey. I cover topics that relate to spirituality, healing/holistic health, stepping into your power, self love and connecting with the  mind, body and spirit. I am a certified Yoga Instructor.  I offer one on one and group yoga/meditation sessions. I will work with my students in carrying out their mental, spiritual or physical intention that they want to achieve via yoga. Such as Peace , healing, focus, tapping into their power. I am here to help guide them through the process. What I have done for myself is what I’m going to give to those that need it. I currently reside in the Pensacola/Milton area but I can do skype sessions. If you are interested email me: imanbrewton@gmail.com  I hope you enjoy checking out my website and what I have to offer! Peace  🙂

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The steps I took towards Embracing my Natural Beauty..

I know having insecurities is something that many humans can relate to, especially during that adolescent stage. That seems to be when most people become aware of how they look in comparison to their peers as far as being attractive or unattractive. We may notice these things at a younger age but this appears to … Continue reading The steps I took towards Embracing my Natural Beauty..

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